The Site

iRockstarz.com is the internet style terminal for glamorexic girls founded by Deandrea Wright in 2006. Our meticulously curated compilation of fashion posts inspire and are inspired by the dopest trendsetters on the web and celebrates the shift in popular culture where the modern-day celebrity is now the cyberlebrity: everyday rule-breaking tastemakers that obtain a certain degree of Internet popularity. We, like our intended, are bad-ass females who are unapologetic in our lifestyles and in our mission to unite awe-inspiring girls that create their own way while using fashion as one of their infinite means of self expression.


Who Qualifies?

iRockstarz are ambitious chicks with edgy style who fearlessly and continuously break the fashion mold. Style is what she says it is, not what society thinks it should be. She casually describes her own as “perfectly undone”, as she considers the effort it takes to look effortless to be an art. She can make the old new again and can turn the most unworthy into the most coveted. Whether she’s walking down the street or posing in her bedroom mirror with her smartphone, she exudes confidence and a coolness that makes everyone want to know more about her. She can go from the super-chic round-the-way hottie who rocks combat boots, to the uber-glam 6 inch stiletto rocking socialite who steps on the scene dressed to kill slaying everyone in her path. She inspires her peers to explore their own personal style while assuring all who encounter her that the coolest person you can ever be is yourself. She’s the go-to person for fresh ideas and is often referred to as an It Girl, but underneath it all she is just that: a girl!


What’s in a Name?

The term iRockstarz — internet rockstars — was coined by Deandrea to describe the internet famous. She had unexpectedly obtained popularity on Myspace with her style and girly web designs, establishing a fan base in the process. iRockstarz was an ode to how she & others she’d come to admire had used their talent and creativity to organically cultivate a following.