Danity Kane to Release Farewell Album Despite 2nd Breakup

September 25, 2014 by in Pop Culture

Danity Kane to Release 'DK3' Album

Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex took to Instagram to announce that Danity Kane will be releasing their 10-track post break-up album entitled, “DK3” afterall. Life is complete! Noticeably absent from the announcement video, however, was 3rd member, Dawn Richard.

This album was initially supposed to be a part of their comeback but will now act as a farewell album to their fans. “We are very proud of the music we made as a group,” a new statement released by the group said. “It is our hope our fans will enjoy and support this final album from Danity Kane.” As per the group’s untimely demise — twice — it’s a bittersweet victory but us DK fans are beyond stoked!

“DK3” is the group’s third studio album executive produced by the Stereotypes, who are responsible for the group’s biggest hit, “Damaged.”

It is available for pre-order now on iTunes and is touted for release on October 28th! Listen to the snippets and to the full Rhythm of Love single below:

1. Rhythm of Love
2. Lemonade featuring Tyga
3. All In A Day’s Work
4. Rage
5. Tell Me
6. 2 Sides
7. Secret Lover
8. Roulette
9. Pieces
10. Bye Baby