About Us


iRockstarz.com, starting in 2006 as a Myspace resource website for free layouts & graphics, is now the digital design, branding & marketing terminal for female entrepreneurs founded by Deandrea Wright.

Our meticulously curated compilation of offerings inspire and are inspired by the dopest trendsetters on the web and celebrates the shift in popular culture where the modern-day celebrity is now the cyberlebrity: everyday rule-breaking tastemakers that obtain a certain degree of Internet popularity & use it to make a non-traditional living beyond what was previously believed to be possible.

We, like our intended, are bad-ass females who are unapologetic in our lifestyles and in our mission to unite awe-inspiring girls that create their own way while using social media as one of their infinite outlets of self expression.


The term iRockstarz — internet rockstars — was coined by Deandrea to describe the internet famous. She had unexpectedly obtained popularity on Myspace with her style and girly web designs, establishing a fan base in the process. iRockstarz was an ode to how she & others she’d come to admire had used their talent and creativity to organically cultivate a following.